About Matthias Reinelt

Matthias Reinelt is a full-time musician and lives with his wife and four children in Freiburg im Breisgau. He studied social work an used to work as a street worker. Then Matthias and his wife ran a café bar for five years. He is currently working again as a social worker in a child and adolescent psychiatry. Nevertheless, he is mainly solo entertainer and also recently discovered his passion for techno music.

The beginnings:

At age 7, Matthias’s first instrument was the violin. Even his father and grandfather played this instrument and so he continued the family tradition.

But always the rhythm was in his blood, and Matthias switched from the violin to the drums when he was 12 years old. Together with his cousin on the organ, he later played on birthdays, weddings and club parties.

At the same time, her became interested in the guitar. But with the ambitious formation „Blues lite“ the position of the guitarist was already occupied, but a drummer was wanted … It was the time of the „Blues Brothers“ and „Commitments“. Also „Huey Lewis“ and „Joe Cocker“ were on the setlist. But keeping a ten-member band alive was not easy, and so „blues lite“ broke up again after three years.

Matthias Reinelt has been a successful solo entertainer for more than 20 years.

Here you see Matthias with his modular synthesizer, on which he produces his techno tracks. For more, have a look on his Youtube Channel: Modular Techno.